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Can I die from May-Thurner Syndrome?

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May-Thurner syndrome is a rare vascular condition that can cause symptoms in your left leg or foot and, if left untreated, leads to blood clots and other complications. Find out more about this condition, its symptoms, and how it can be treated. What is May-Thurner Syndrome? Your arteries and veins, also called blood vessels, have

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Questions from the Heart: Hypertension

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I have recently been told that I have high blood pressure. While my doctor recommends that we work towards keeping my blood pressure at 140/90 mm Hg, my kids did some research on the internet, and they say I should really aim toward keeping my blood pressure at 130/80 mm Hg. So, is 140/90 mm

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Questions from the Heart: Congestive Heart Failure

My mother’s doctor told her she is at risk for congestive heart failure. What is congestive heart failure, and what are the causes and symptoms that we should look out for? What can we do to prevent it? –Todd from Lexington Congestive heart failure is a medical condition that occurs when your heart does not

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Questions from the Heart: Angiograms

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My doctor told me that I have a problem with the blood supply to my heart and that I need a coronary angiogram. He said he is going to stick me in the groin, but I’m really uncomfortable with this. I’ll have to lie down for six hours afterwards, but I have frequent back pain.

Cardiovascular Institute of the Shoals

I am trusting Dr. Naidu and his staff with my most prized possession. Thank you for taking care of Fred. We are trusting that the procedures on his legs work as expected. Thank you again.

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